History of Breakstone 


    Breakstone Salon was named for the Breakstone Place building in which it is located.  The building's owner chose the name in honor of his great-grandfather, Isaac Breakstone, who came to this country in the late 1860's from Lithuania at age sixteen.  Together with his brother Joseph, he developed a recipe for cheese and began selling it in a grocery on Manhattan's Lower East Side.  Later they started up their own dairy business selling their featured product, "Breakstone's Cream Cheese."  The dairy grew and more products were added.  Breakstone's became part of National Dairy, and was later acquired by Kraft Foods.  You can still buy dairy products bearing the Breakstone name in supermarkets throughout the US.

    This American success story is an inspiration to us, and we believe a good omen for our own success at Breakstone Salon.  

    "Alone we can do so little:  Together we can do so much."  At the Breakstone Salon we believe that hair is art, to us you are a blank canvas, and we see what we can do to enhance you.  

    Thank you for your business.  

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